The "Suns" Staying in Hagerstown?

The "Suns" Staying in Hagerstown?

The owner of the Suns says he wants to move the current team to Fredericksburg, but that he also wants to bring another team to Hagerstown and keep the Suns tradition alive.
HAGERSTOWN, MD -  Hagerstown City Council Members and the majority owner of the Suns Bruce Quinn had an hour long private meeting about the future of the Suns in Hagerstown.

"Our intention is to go to Fredericksburg with the A-ball team that we have, but also our intention is to wait for the plans here that the City Council is discussing the location is of a stadium and try to keep professional baseball here as well."

Quinn says the baseball team will play in Hagerstown for another year then likely move to Fredericksburg where stadium negotiations are pushing forward.

Quinn says the "Suns" name will stay in Hagerstown, and not go to Fredericksburg.

He says he'll work on getting another team here depending on what city council members decide for a new stadium.

"I think that the east end has more room to spread out," says Quinn. "It could be revamped with other sports and athletic complexes. It would really make a nice environment for the people who live out there too."

City council members seem pleased with the meeting.

Council Member Kristin Aleshire says he also prefers the east end and envisions it transforming into a multi-athletic complex.

Aleshire says, "I'm getting three times the parking on the east end. I'm looking at buying property for $2 million, instead of $8 million, and I'm getting three times as much property."

Again, none of this is for certain and could still change. The Fredericksburg City Council have yet to formally vote on a new stadium.
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