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Thurmont to Elect New Mayor, Two Town Commissioners

The Thurmont mayor and commissioners serve four-year terms.
THURMONT, Md. - Voters in Thurmont will elect a new mayor and two members on the four-member board of town commissioners Tuesday.

Two people are running for mayor. They are Rosie Bentz and John Kinnaird.

Voters will elect two town commissioners this election for the four member board. Three people are running. They are Martin Burns, Wayne Hooper, and Ronald Terpko Jr.

The polls opened at 7 a.m. for the town's non-partisan elections.

"The population is a little over 6,000. That would include children and everyone that's living here, and half of those are registered voters. This is a very close-nit community. People are concerned about their community, and I think that's why so many come out to vote," said Carol Robertson, the chief election judge.

Election officials used touchscreen ballots of this election because they anticipate a high turnout about 30 percent.

"I think it's because it's a small community, and I think people are always interested in who's going to be taking care of our town and the citizens of Thurmont. I think that's why we always have a nice turnout. Our average is usually higher than the national average for any election, and it's because people care about their community," Robertson said.

The Thurmont mayor and commissioners serve four-year terms.
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