TIPS: Fear of Flying

TIPS: Fear of Flying

From the San Francisco Asiana plane accident to the Southwest plane that malfunctioned while landing at La Guardia Airport, we've seen a number of scary incidents on airport runways.
HAGERSTOWN, MD - Despite the number of recent accidents on the runway, a couple pilots from Connecticut who made a stop at the Hagerstown Rider Jet Center, keep their passion for flying at speed and say we shouldn't fear flying.

Commercial pilot and flight instructor Robert Macniak says, "The airlines have a really outstanding safety record it's due to pilot training. They put a lot of pressure on flight instructors to make the best pilots possible."

A local doctor says people can develop anxiety or even a phobia when exposed to the perils of flight.

Dr. Amy Fox with Meritus Health says, "There's people who after 9/11 for example repeatedly viewed those clips of the planes hitting the towers and that was enough to create a phobic reaction."

Macniak and Mikula say understanding what it takes to get into the sky and safely back on ground can help ease tension.

For example, before a plane gets to soar sky high there's always a routine plane check

"You can't really pull over in the air and hop out and see what's going on so best to check it on the ground," says Mikula.

And those bumps in the sky we call turbulence? Mikula says, "It's calms of air going up and down. It's kind of almost like a speed bump in the road."

As for landing, Mikula says it's like being in a car and slowing down except in a plane. "What you're really doing is slowing the plane down and getting close to the ground and setting up so your wheels touch the ground at the slowest speed."

For those of us who may still be a little nervous about getting on a plane, remember to trust in your pilots. Officials say they're very qualified and continually go through rigorous training.

"Captain Sullenberger flight on the Hudson landed on the Hudson, but really the guy had nowhere to go you know he was a very experienced pilot used great judgement, used great flying skills and he landed the plane safely."

Some peace of mind before take off.

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