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Tips For Buying Shoes For Back To School

Follow these tips for saving money when buying new shoes for your kids.
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Hi Folks, my name is Jim Currie, I am the manager here at the local Super Shoes. I’ve been asked to talk to you a little bit about what to look for this up coming back to school season and how to get a great deal as you head out there with the kids to get your shoes for back to school.

Some of the top brands for us here at Super Shoes this back to school season are gonna be Nike, New Balance Always, the Skate Shoes with DC’s and Etnies. We also have a ton of Skechers. Moms and Dads, some of the things that you don’t think about as you head out for back to school is if your child/if your tweenager wears a size 5, 5.1/2, 6 in a woman’s, you can always jump over to the kids section and save yourself 20 or 30% on a pair of shoes.  I’ll show you right here, I have two Nike shoes, a top brand for us here at Super Shoes, one is a 4.1/2 in kids, one is a 6 in woman’s, these are the exact same size. One shoe is $25.00 less than the other, so if you can’t find that 5, 5.1/2, 6 over in woman’s, jump over to kids and you get a 4, 4.1/2 and it will fit exactly the same and save yourself a little bit of money.

My next point, if you’re bringing in those younger children or you have a group of children, make sure the associate or the manager of the store uses one of these, it’s a measuring device. Have them measure your child’s foot. You don’t want to go exactly to the line that their foot comes to, you want to have the next line up so they have a little bit of room. Now, key point, when you’re fitting a child’s shoe, you’ve heard of the old thumbnail rule, it’s not your thumbnail mom and dad, it’s the child’s thumbnail. You want it the width of their thumbnail that’s a perfect fit so they have time to wear the shoe. They get more wear out of the shoe, they won’t be out of it so quickly.
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