Tips to Make Your New Year's Fitness Goal a Success

Tips to Make Your New Year's Fitness Goal a Success

"The thing is to have a realistic goal and then break it down into steps."
FREDERICK, Md. - Getting in shape or losing weight are some of the most common New Year's resolutions.

A group of people are starting an intense hour-long workout as they kick their New Year's fitness resolutions into high gear.

"I set one for 2014 and that's to lose another 55 pounds this year, this coming year. It will take about a year to do all that," said

Terry Collins, who is diabetic.

"My New Year's goal for fitness is just to become more fit," said Bob Miller, who also would like to run a marathon.

Miller, and the three other people in working out in his group, are under the guidance of Kip Jawish, the owner of In-Fit Studio in Frederick. Jawish has some tips for them and you to make New Year's resolutions a success.

"For most people, it's just watching portion control," Jawish said. "Being accountable is another big thing. Write your goals down and put them somewhere where you see them all the time."

Lianne DeLawter is working out in the group. She wants to lose more weight and watch what she eats.

"It's more Kip's idea for me, and I'd like to be able, he wants me to give up cheese completely, but maybe just a little bit," DeLawter said.

Jawish says you should mix up your workouts to avoid overuse injuries. You could do the treadmill one day, run on an elliptical the next day, and hit the bicycle the other day.

Jawish also says you should set realistic goals.

"It's best to run it by someone, a trainer or a friend that can kind of rein you in if they need to, but the thing is to have a realistic goal and then break it down into steps," Jawish said.

Barbara Dillon wants to get in better shape to make sure she's around for her family.

"I think it's important for people, especially as we get older, to commit to our own health. A lot of us take care of our families and don't put ourselves first, but you have to take care of yourself if you want to be around to take care of your family," said Dillon, who's resolving to get in better shape.

"It gives everybody a brand-new start, a fresh start, and it's nice to have a goal," Miller said.

Jawish said you should try to stick to lean meats, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. He also says it's good to hire a trainer or workout with a friend to keep you accountable.

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