Tomato Tasting Brings Eye Opening Experience to Chambersburg

Tomato Tasting Brings Eye Opening Experience to Chambersburg

More than 20 types of tomatoes were consumed at the annual Master Gardeners Tomato Tasting in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Call them "tomatoes," call them "tamatoes."

As the Master Gardeners Tomato Tasting Day proves, tomatoes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. 

Sometimes even multicolored, especially if you grow them yourself. 

The tasters, however, were not given the name of the tomato during the tasting. 

"Basically you're given a sheet you rate the flavor and how it looks. They don't tell you what they are which is good because otherwise you'd be biased with what you're looking at," said Randy Culler, a local gardener.

Many gardeners consider tomatoes one of the most popular vegetables to grow.

"They remember something from the summer during their childhood or they are disappointed with the ones they buy so they want to try it on their own. And it's something they can do relatively easily with only a couple plants, said Ray Eckhart.

Master gardeners believe the taste of store bought tomatoes don't compare to home grown ones.

"The newer ones have the flavors bred out of them, like they breed the fragrance out of flowers. The old smelled better. The new flowers don't have hardly any fragrance at all. Same with tomatoes," said Billy Morningstorm of Tomato Tasting.

Of course everyone's taste is different, some ate with their eyes.

"Some I really didn't like just because of the color, but they had a lot of good variety here so I really enjoyed it," says Culler.

A vegetable tasting that turned into an eye opening experience.

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