Treasure Book of Washington County WWII Legacies

Treasure Book of Washington County WWII Legacies

During World War II, a Hagerstown woman made a scrapbook of all the men and women from Washington County who appeared in the newspaper.

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - A local World War II historian says he has come across a scrapbook that is priceless.

The first page of the scrapbook tells it all. It reads "Boys killed and wounded from Washington County."

"It's just page after page of the veterans that were killed, wounded, captured, and I also added decorated," said Dave Verdier, World War II Historian and Hobbyist.

Each page reveals a piece of history in the eyes of a Hagerstown woman named Veda Carbaugh. During World War II, if she saw a story about a local boy or girl in the paper, she meticulously placed it inside her book.

"Her husband Frank served in World War II and he came home after the war in 1945, and that's basically all I know of Veda Carbaugh," said Verdier.

Carbaugh's scrapbook is a treasure-book of local legacies.

Through the book, Verdier's learned that five generals came out of Hagerstown, the most of any other area in the country.

The scrapbook has pictures of local soldiers posing with famous actors and athletes, and he even  found a picture that hit close to home for one of his friend's. It was a picture of his friend's father who was serving in the war.

"I made a copy and gave it to him and they didn't know this picture existed," said Verdier. "Just to see the look on their face, to see their father in Germany in his uniform, during World War II, it kind of gets me excited."

Now Verdier hopes to give everyone in the county a chance to flip through the rich history. A chance at finding a relative whose picture might be clipped in Carbaugh's scrapbook. A piece of Washington County history for all to see.

"Even after I'm gone, future generations can read about these people and the part they played to enjoy the freedom that we enjoy today," said Verdier.

Verdier is in the process of making copies of the book. He plans on passing them out to local veteran organizations and the public library.

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