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Trial of Daniel Lee Herbert Begins

Court officials say Daniel Lee Herbert&nbsp;is on trial for a charge&nbsp;relating to&nbsp;shooting Gabriel "Ziggy" McGuire and an 8-year-old girl during&nbsp;last year's Fourth of July festivities&nbsp;at the&nbsp;<st1:place style="line-height: 1.22;"><st1:placename>War</st1:placename>&nbsp;<st1:placetype>Memorial Park.</st1:placetype></st1:place>

MARTINSBURG, WV- The trial of a man accused of shooting two people in Martinsburg during a Fourth of July celebration last year, began Tuesday in Berkeley County Circuit Court.

Court officials say Daniel Lee Herbert is on trial for a charge relating to shooting Gabriel "Ziggy" McGuire and an 8-year-old girl during last year's Fourth of July festivities at the War Memorial Park in Martinsburg.

Herbert is being tried for felony possession of a firearm.

Court officials say the trial resumes Wednesday at 9 a.m. and is expected to wrap up later that day.

According to the pre-trial order, a trial for the remaining counts of the indictment will be scheduled once a verdict is reached on this particular charge. 

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