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Two Interim Members Appointed to Middletown Town Council

Jeff Pennington and George Jay Smith were appointed to the council Monday night and will run in the November special election.
MIDDLETOWN, VA - The Middletown Town Council has appointed two members during its Monday night meeting.
Jeff Pennington and George Jay Smith will serve as interim councilmen until the Nov. 5 election.
They replaced Clarence Trip Chewning who left for medical reasons and Donna Gray who left for personal reasons, both in July.
"It was not even a month and so in that month's time, we didn't have too much business to conduct but now that we're back to full strength, everybody knows their roles and everybody knows how to move forward and we can get more work done," says Charles Harbaugh IV, mayor of Middletown.
Both members have never served on a council before but Harbaugh says they plan to bring a lot to the table.
"Jeff says he wants to bring a historical perspective to town and Jay Smith says he has a lot of contacts to bring some stuff to town as well, and that's what we need. We need to bring as many people to the table to get some stuff done," adds Harbaugh.
The high number of previous councilors resigning has sparked questions among Middletown locals but the mayor says it is a busy job that is not necessarily for everyone.
Harbaugh adds, "These aren't lifetime jobs. The pay is $100 a month and these people really have to want to do it because it takes a lot of time; it takes a lot of time outside of just the meetings because you have to do homework, research and you have gather information."
Both Pennington and Smith share a common ground in reinventing the town and its people.
Three seats are currently open for the November election. Two are for 2016 and one is for 2014. The current interims will be deciding which term they wish to run for.

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