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Two-Year Old Girl Drowns In a Pool in Warren County

A two-year old has drowned early Tuesday afternoon in a pool on the 100 block of Ashland Court.
WARREN COUNTY, VA - A two-year old girl drowned early Tuesday afternoon in a pool. It happened on the 100 block of Ashland Court.
The Warren County Sheriff's Office has not released much information at the moment but pool experts at Clean H2O are advising parents to be wary of their children when swimming.
"As far as swimming, it's good to start out with a small pool, something that they can set in with adult supervision and get them to splash around and get them to feel comfortable with water," says Mark Ritter, manager at Clean H2O.
Ritter has been in the pool business for 21 years. Even though his job is to sell pools and supplies, he never lets a customer leave without giving them the friendly reminders.
"If the child has not learned to swim, have a life jacket with a child and other buoyancy items there but adult supervision is the biggest key that we focus on, adds Ritter.
When it comes to children drowning, Ritter says it is his worst nightmare.
"That's quite a tragedy whenever you hear that a child or any one person has lost their life due to drowning," adds Ritter.
"Whenever you hear about anyone drowning, it's tragic. Especially when it' someone this young, it's just sorry to hear that had happened," says Ben Mitchell, sales associate at Clean H2O.
One common misconception many have about drowning is the amount of noise and splashing a person can make. However, drowning can be a quiet and quick process.
"You can go under the water pretty quickly and make no splashes and just not be seen," adds Ritter.
It is accident that can go unnoticed and lead to a life lost too soon.
No further information was given on this drowning from the sheriff's department but we will bring you the latest as it becomes available.

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