UPDATE: Authorities Investigate Possible Arson in Martinsburg

UPDATE: Authorities Investigate Possible Arson in Martinsburg

Two early morning fires in Martinsburg Saturday have investigators looking into the possibility of arson.
MARTINSBURG, W.Va.- Firefighters responded to the first Saturday morning fire, located near the intersection of Warm Springs Avenue and Trimble Avenue, at around 5 a.m. 

Just before 7 a.m., they responded to a second fire near the intersection of Lutz Avenue and Warm Springs Avenue just down the road from the first fire.

"The first fire, it took us about 15 minutes to put it out, and it was a shed in the backyard," said Capt. Denny Carter of the Bedington Volunteer Fire Department. "The second fire was in a barn in the backyard. It took us about an hour to put it out."

Both fires were reported within a two-hour time period, and they were located less than a mile apart. That is why investigators are looking at the possibility of arson.

"We don't know if it's arson yet," said Carter. "We have to investigate it to make sure it's arson before we say that it's arson."

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office said they did find evidence of arson at the barn fire near Lutz and Warm Springs Avenues.

At that same location, firefighters said they also found three small spot fires in the house next to the barn that burned down. 

"We were operating on the barn fire and as they walked back and forth somebody pointed out that there was also a fire in the house we were parked beside," said Carter.

The Sheriff's Office confirmed they found evidence of attempted arson in that house next to the destroyed barn, and they say the fire appears to have been started using paper and wood.

Investigators say they are still looking into the possibility that the fires are connected.
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