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UPDATE: Court Documents Shed New Light on Mother's Arrest to Fire

New court documents reveal police believes Sherry Lee Cruz may be to blame for the fire on June 18th in Winchester.
WINCHESTER, VA - A new chapter in a tragic fire is coming to light.
On June 18th, Christian Cruz, 2, died in a fire on North Kent Street. The boy's mother, Sherry Lee Cruz, 34 of Remington, is facing four charges of felony child neglect and abuse. The Winchester Police Department claims "she had a reckless disregard for life."
New court documents were released that show police believe Cruz started the fire that put her children in danger and killed her son.
Cruz is being held without bond. Police says the fire was being investigated as an act of arson and on Tuesday, it has been uncovered that police believe Cruz is to blame.
According to the court documents, Sergeant F.J. Myrtle, the criminal complaint stated," The accused has provided inconsistent stories as to what occurred when the fire started ... admitted to purchasing one gallon of gasoline and a gas can the morning of the fire."
The complaint also states that police "detected a flammable liquid during the investigation and that the scene tested positive for gasoline, and that other ignition sources were ruled out."
The complaint then concludes by stating, "The accused was the only adult inside the residence when the fire originated and her actions of starting the fire placed all the children inside the residence in danger."
Cruz previously told WHAG during an interview that she did not remember much about what happened during the fire.
During the investigation, police executed a search warrant and seized a red gas can at the residence among other things.
Cruz is facing four counts of child neglect and reckless disregard to life.
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