Update: Plane Crash Kills Two People in Adams County

Update: Plane Crash Kills Two People in Adams County

Autopsies were performed Friday on the victims of Thursday's plane crash, but officials said DNA testing will have to be done to identify them.
ADAMS COUNTY, Pa.-- A small community remains stunned after fatal plane crash in Adams County Thursday. Officials are looking for answers, as to why the plane ended up in a resident's farm field killing multiple people on board.

Two people were killed.  Officials said autopsies were performed on both victims Friday, but even after the autopsies, officials could not identify the victims.  DNA testing will be done, but that could take about a week.

Pennsylvania State Police said a local resident heard a loud sound in the cornfields and immediately contacted emergency services Thursday morning. Since then, police along with officials from the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration have been investigating what led to the plane crash.

"It's a small plane, looks to be a small plane that had four to six seats on board, so relatively small plane," said Trooper Robert Hicks of Pennsylvania State Police.

According to police, the crash happened 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning near Biglerville along Old Carlisle Road, just miles away from Gettysburg. Officials say based on the evidence and the passengers were on a Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche. 

"It doesn't appear to been any type of fire or explosion involved, we probably have a quarter mile debris field from the plane from all the parts being scattered," says Hicks. "The plane is pretty much demolished from the impact, so it's a pretty bad scene up there."

Officials said the cause is under investigation, but initial reports indicate mechanical failure was the reason.  They say they will investigate if the cold weather played a part. As of now, their thoughts are with the victims on board.

"It's a day after Christmas, it's the holiday season people are suppose to be home with their friends and family and for this to occur it's obviously impact a lot of peoples' lives," said Hicks.

NTSB and FAA officials are investigating the accident.
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