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UPDATE: Police still looking for suspect in high-speed chase

Warrants have been issued for the driver who led West Virgina and Maryland police on a high speed chase with an infant on board last Sunday.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va. - Warrants have been issued for the driver who police claim led West Virgina and Maryland officers on a high speed chase with an infant on board last Sunday.

Jefferson County Sheriff Peter Dougherty said the driver will face a felony charge for not stopping, and also a reckless endangerment charge for not having an infant strapped into a car seat.

"When we found out there was a young person in the car you know it's bad enough for an adult to take hazards of their own but to endanger the life of a child in that case is particularly distressing," Dougherty said.

It started when the driver failed to pull over for a deputy in Martinsburg.

Officers claime driver was going faster than 90 miles an hour as he sped towards Shepherdstown and led officers through the campus of Shepherd University.

"It shocked the hell out of me honestly," said Shepherd University student Ian Fraser. "I just don't expect to see that kind of stuff on a college campus."

The pursuit then went across the bridge into Maryland where police lost the car. They say a Maryland State Trooper accidentally released spike strips on the police car.

The Sheriff said there were several passengers in the car who say they tried to make the driver stop.

"The driver did not respond to the lights and the sirens behind him," said Dougherty, "and apparently, didn't respond positively to people riding in the vehicle as well."

The car was found abandoned near the Food Lion on Sharpsburg Pike in Hagerstown.

Police say they spoke with the owner of the car from West Virginia, who said he loaned the car to the driver. They believe the driver is a Maryland resident, and have yet to release the suspect's name pending his arrest.

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