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UPDATE: Third Arrest Made in 2009 Gail Smith Murder Case

61- year old Deborah L. Smith, Gail Smith's sister, has been arrested with charges of conspiracy to commit murder and the man accused of the killing has pled guilty.

BERRYVILLE, VA - Police made a third arrest in the July 2009 homicide case of Berryville's former councilwoman, Gail Smith.
Deborah L. Smith, 61, of Burkeville was arrested on indictments of capital murder and conspiracy to commit murder obtained through the multi-jurisdictional grand jury.
"Deborah Smith was taken into custody at her residence by members of the Prince Edward County Sheriff's Office, Berryville Police Department, and Clarke County Sheriff's Office," says Neal White, Berryville police chief.
Gail Smith's brother, Timothy Smith, and the man accused of killing the councilwoman for pay, Tony Sharpe, appeared in court again for motion hearings.
Sharpe has pleaded guilty to all three charges: conspiracy to commit murder, shooting another person in the commission of a felony, and first degree murder.
It all started in 2009 when a long family dispute boiled over between Gail and her two siblings, Timothy and Deborah. They were fighting for guardianship of their sick father who had a $750,000 estate.
"At one point, I had simply asked her did she get any help from any other family members because it was a huge job. She was very devoted to him and did a good job but it was exhausting for her. That one time all she said was no her siblings were less than helpful," says Mary Daniel, town council member representing the Third Ward.
Police believed Timothy contacted four men in Farmville between May and July 2009. The last person he contacted was Tony Sharpe and that is when tragedy struck.
Berryville police found Gail Smith shot dead at her home July 2009 on Pickett Court and an affidavit stated Gail had told her friends to look into her brother if something were to happen to her.
Timothy Smith served one sentence on solicitation to commit murder with two men in 2009 and another sentence on a similar charge in 2012.
"It's such a huge loss and we still feel it," adds Daniel.
The next hearing for Timothy Smith is December 16 and Tony Sharpe's hearing will be on October 16, both held at the Clarke County Circuit Court.












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