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UPDATE: Woman Dies After Motorcycle Accident on Wesel Boulevard

A woman has now died after a serious motorcycle accident that shut down Wesel Boulevard in Hagerstown on Wednesday Afternoon.
HAGERSTOWN, MD (WHAG) - We have updates as we are following a serious accident involving a motorcycle and pick-up truck that shut down Wesel Boulevard for several hours on Wednesday Afternoon.

Officials with the Hagerstown Police Department say the female passenger who was riding on the motorcycle, has died.

They have identified her as Lana Patton, 61, Williamsport, Md. 

The driver of the motorcycle was also taken to the hospital after the accident, but is listed in stable condition at this time.  That accident shut down Wesel Boulevard for hours.

Officers report that the truck and motorcycle collided at an intersection near Lowes after the pick-up truck ran a red light.  

Police say the investigation continues, and say no charges have been filed yet.
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