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VA New Year’s Eve Homicide Update

Deputies say Harvall lived at the residence, but the victim Harvey did not.

Winchester, Va. - The Frederick County Sheriff's Office met with the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Wednesday morning to review new evidence in the Winchester New Year's Eve homicide.

The Commonwealth Attorney has decided to hold off on a making a decision until they have the results of a toxicology report on the victim - Arthur Ray Harvey of Winchester.

The report could take up to six weeks to process.

Until that time, the prime suspect, according to search warrants, Jaquan Harvall is still at large.

Investigators believe that Harvall strangled Harvey to death during a domestic dispute over a female that lived at the residence.

They believe the female was present during part of the altercation and is a key witness in the case.

Deputies say Harvall lived at the residence where the strangulation happened on the 300-block of Williamson Road, but the victim Harvey did not.

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