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Washington Co. Delegation Holds First Meeting of Legislative Session

The Washington County Delegation hammered out some bills they plan to introduce this year inside the State House Wednesday afternoon.
ANNAPOLIS, Md. - The Washington County Delegation had their first meeting of this legislative session Wednesday morning in Annapolis. 

The Washington County Delegation hammered out some bills they plan to introduce this year inside the State House, bills they believe will help everything from transportation to end-of-life care work in the county. 

The Washington County Delegation didn't waste any time getting to work and figuring out what some of the county bills will be this session. 

Sheriff's Mullendore requested a bill affecting people with outstanding warrants. 

"What will happen now, and it's been tested in Anne Arundel County very successfully, if if they're due a Maryland tax return, it will be withheld until they present themselves for their warrant," said Del. Andrew Serafini (R) - Washington County. 

The delegation also wants to make sure infrastructure is in place for future development. 

"One of the things is CSX and railroad crossings. There's a really nice development that would like to go in, but they can't build on the other side of the railroad tracks," said Del. Neil Parrott (R) - Washington County. 

Easing traffic congestion in Washington County is another priority for the delegation. They'd like to see improvements along Interstate-81, similar to those done out the county.

"The State Highway Administration is going to widen the bridge from Maryland into West Virginia so that it's three lanes in each direction, but we really want to see that continue all the way through Maryland," said Del. Parrott. 

Delegate John Donoghue is sponsoring a bill to get state money to help build a hospice home in Washington County. 

"People in the end of life deserve dignity and a place to live in comfort and have family around them, and not necessarily be in an institution," said Del. Donoghue. 

But the list of county bills this session is far from over. 

"We're waiting still to hear from the county commissioners. We lean on them for ideas and things that they need us to do," said Del. Serafini. 

Another county bill would make it easier for businesses to get a liquor license, lowering the required capacity from 75 to 50 people. The Washington County Delegation will have their second meeting next Wednesday in Annapolis. 
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