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Website, Poster Contest Created for Drug Abuse Awareness

"The reason heroin abuse has increased so much is it starts at your home in your medicine cabinet."

FREDERICK, Md. - A group of officials in Frederick County, Maryland have come together and created a website to help in their fight against drugs.

"You can actually see drugs that the drug enforcement unit have collected and look for things that may be suspicious in your own home that shows you your child may be using drugs," said Frederick County Commissioner Billy Shreve, who's a member of the group.

The group, ranging from the sheriff, school superintendent, and a delegate, formed after they say heroin use went up by 300 percent in the county in the past year.

"The reason heroin abuse has increased so much is it starts at your home in your medicine cabinet," Shreve said. "All those pain pills that you get when you have surgery, those are the same base as heroin, so once they run out of prescription medicine, they go to the streets."

The website has information about a poster contest at Frederick County Public Schools, as well as information on drugs and a list of drug awareness meetings. The poster contest continues through January 15th. The first-place winner gets two lift tickets and free skiing lessons with Shreve at Whitetail Resort, the second-place winner gets $250 in catering from Famous Dave's, and the third-place winner gets $150 in catering from Famous Dave's.

"The whole purpose of these events are to give parents on number they can call if they have suspicion, know their kids are using drugs, or need to know how to help," Shreve said. "That number is 211."

You can check out the new website and see information on the poster contest by clicking here

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