What's New this Year at The Great Frederick Fair

What's New this Year at The Great Frederick Fair

The Frederick Fairgrounds have crews getting ready for hundreds of thousands of visitors this week.

FREDERICK, Md. – 151 years of tradition continues at The Great Frederick Fair beginning Friday, and we’ve got a sneak peek at what’s new this year.

Crews are getting the 40 acres of the Frederick Fairgrounds ready for hundreds of thousands of visitors. The fair is sure to attract people from all over, but organizers say The Great Frederick Fair is all about Frederick County, Maryland.

“We're a county fair, so we have all the components of the community. We've got the local machinery equipment dealers, local restaurants and vendors and that's what we're about local, local, local and it's a great opportunity really to get up close and front and personal with agriculture,” said General Manager Becky Brashear.
This week, and all year round, organizers says they’re encouraging people to take a closer look at the local agriculture scene in 
Frederick County. 

“The demographics of 
Frederick County are changing tremendously. Folks aren't having any connection to or with the farm today. So we started this exhibit bringing the country with the city and the city with the county,” said Brashear. Also new this year is a “Wine Garden.” Fairgoers will have a chance to taste local wines, and see what some local wineries have to offer.

“A lot of those we are offering, I think it's very important to support your local wineries and not just the ones all around, but here in Frederick,” said Jason Routzahn, executive chef and owner at The Silver Maple.

There’s sure to be something to eat for just about everyone and of course plenty of rides. Safety inspections were underway Thursday in preparation for opening day, and organizers say they won’t stop there.

“We inspect our rides every two weeks. They get torn down and moved every two weeks and in turn different states and municipalities get to come in a inspect our rides,” said safety coordinator Jeff Alberts.

Alberts says the group has one of the lead safety programs in the country and that every ride is inspected an hour before the days opening. The fair runs through Saturday September 21st for a full list of events taking place throughout the week click here.

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