Woman Cherishes the Holidays Despite Battling Pancreatic Cancer

Woman Cherishes the Holidays Despite Battling Pancreatic Cancer

38-year-old Melanie Cole received an outpour of support from friends and family to help with her cancer treatments.

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - It is a story of a woman who has been fighting a battle since March, wanting nothing but to defeat pancreatic cancer, an illness that has changed her outlook on her life.

"She's a fighter, she continues to fight," said Andy Cole, husband of Melanie Cole.

Melanie Cole, 38, was struck with the news in March; she found out she had stage four pancreatic cancer.

It was news that brought nothing but surprise.

"Devastation. You don't know who to turn to. I remember calling her mother first thing and asked for their help," said Andy.

No one would guess Melanie is fighting a battle as she walks around with a glimmer in her eye, and with two young daughters, she does her best to stay positive.

"You know, it's hard having two young girls and dealing with this," said Melanie Cole.

With an outpour of support, a fundraiser was held to help with Melanie's treatment and doctor visits.

Phone calls and donations came in left to right, strangers who heard her story and wanted to save a life.

'I've had several people that have called and said 'We're coming out today' that said 'We don't want to have lunch but we want to give a donation to help the family,' " said Lynn Bibbee, event coordinator.

However, Melanie's husband, Andy, says prayers from the community would be more than enough.

"All we ask for is prayer and we have things like this going on. Friends that I haven't worked with for a matter of nine to ten years that'd give us a call and a month later, we have this set up here," said Andy.

Instead of wasting her feelings on anger and sadness, Melanie takes her illness as a lesson learned.

"You never know what you might have, so any kind of symptoms you have, I'd get them checked out. They figured I had the cancer for a year before I even knew I had it," said Melanie.

While the news was shocking at first, Melanie is now living her life by appreciating what is around her.

Donations are still being collected to help with Melanie's treatment. If you would like to donate, a Facebook page has been set up by her friends and family. Please click here.

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