Woman Fights Bullying Through Social Media

Woman Fights Bullying Through Social Media

"That's pretty much my mission is to help out other people and to let them know it will get better."

JEFFERSONMD - A Frederick County woman was bullied all through middle and high school, but now she's making a positive situation out of her experience.

The FCC graduate got bullied as a teenager, she says because of her learning disability, but she's doing something about it.

"It made me so sad, and I just knew I had to do something positive to help others saying, 'Hey, there's help out there. There are people who care and want to help you,'" said Liz Michels, an anti-bullying advocate.

Michels has turned to social media to counsel people of all ages who are being bullied.

"Adults experience it as well. It's just not as broadcasted, and that's why I made the video," Michels said. "It's not just to teens. It can be to adults, to anyone who's really experiencing bullying or who's struggling with self-esteem issues."

Michels has helped people from all over the world on her social media accounts, everywhere from Brazil to the United Kingdom, and now she's also starting to get attention from Hollywood.

"The actress Vanessa Lachey, she saw my video, and she sent me back a tweet going, 'Oh my gosh! This video is amazing. Keep up your awesome work because you're helping other,'" Michels said.

Almost a thousand people have seen her YouTube video, and she also helps people out on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

"That's pretty much my mission is to help out other people and to let them know it will get better," she said. "Just don't let these negative people bring you down."

Not letting negative people keep you down is now Michel's passion, and she's only a click away, thanks to the evolving world of social media.

Michels also says she'll be telling her story of overcoming bullying through a book deal with "Developing Perseverance," a non-profit organization.

For her Facebook page, click here. For her YouTube video, click here, and for her Twitter account,click here.

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