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Wounded Warriors Project Uplifts Soldiers

Locals in Keedysville gave injured soldiers an opportunity to get out of the hospital and have some fun.

KEEDYSVILLE, Md.— Soldiers at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital spend weeks, months, and sometimes even years recovering from their injuries. But on Saturday, locals in Keedysville gave those soldiers an opportunity to get out of the hospital and have some fun.

Thanks to the work of the Blue and Gray Education Society and the Yellow Ribbon Fund, they had a chance to take a break from rehabilitation.

"It's about just getting an opportunity to get out with people who have a real appreciation for who they are, the sacrifice they and their families have made, and just to get them out some place away from the hospital," said event organizer Leonard Riedel of the Blue and Gray Education Society.

A special lunch was hosted by St. Peter's Lutheran Church, but people from all over the town of Keedysville helped make the day possible.

"Last year when we did it, the response was great and several months ago I started getting asked by the congregation if we were going to shave this group here again," said pastor of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Eric Moser.

After their free meal, the soldiers were taken to the Antietam National Battlefield for a tour, which is just one of the many activities organized for soldiers by supporters of the Wounded Warriors Program.

"We’re honored to be out. Most of us are veterans ourselves,” said Riedel. “We know what these people have been through and we know that the American people appreciate the sacrifices they've made

Event planners say they have already started to organize events for next year.

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