How to Find WHAG in Your Viewing Area

Hagerstown, MD area

Antietam Cable - 12, 25.1 (HD), 504 (HD)
Dish Network - 25 (HD)

Frederick, MD area

Comcast Cable - 12, 814 (HD)
Dish Network - 25 (HD)

Cumberland, MD area

Atlantic Broadband - 12, 712 (HD)
Dish Network - 25 (HD)

Martinsburg, WV area

Comcast Cable - 11, 814 (HD)
Dish Network - 25 (HD)

Chambersburg, PA area

Comcast Cable - 12

Winchester, VA area

Comcast Cable - 10, 814 (HD)
Dish Network - 25 (HD)

Antenna Service

You can receive WHAG-HD via antenna channel 25.1
Do you have DirectTV? You can still receive WHAG-HD by purchasing a small digital antenna from a local retailer.
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To learn more about our agreement with DirecTV click here.

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