Bryan's Thursday Evening Forecast: 8/1/13

- From Meteorologist Bryan Schuerman
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Weather Synopsis: Cold front is approaching the area with scattered showers and thunderstorms expected through the evening hours tonight.  High pressure will briefly control our forecast for Friday before another weather maker heads for the area as we get into Saturday bringing our next chance of showers and thunderstorms, then things will dry out as we get late into the weekend and early next week.

Have a great evening!  

-- Meteorologist Bryan Schuerman

Your4State Short Term Forecast:

Tonight: Decreasing cloudiness, with a chance of showers and thunderstorms through mid to late evening.  Low: 60-65.  Winds: Northwest 3-6 MPH.

Tomorrow (Friday): Mostly sunny skies with lower humidity.  High: 82-86.   Winds: West 5-10 MPH.

Tomorrow Night: Increasing cloudiness, but we should remain dry.  Low: 61-67.  Winds: Southwest 3-8 MPH. 

Your4State Extended Forecast: 

Saturday: Mostly cloudy skies with a chance of showers and thunderstorms.  High: 81.  Low: 63.

Sunday: Partly sunny skies.  High: 82.  Low: 59.

Monday: Mostly sunny skies.  High: 80.  Low: 58.

Tuesday: Partly sunny skies with a chance of showers and thunderstorms.  High: 82.  Low: 62.

Wednesday: Partly sunny skies.  High: 85.  Low: 64.

Thursday: Partly sunny skies.  High: 83.  Low: 61.

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