Stephanie's Saturday Forecast 1/18/2014

Happy Weekend!

TODAY:  Blustery and cold.  Winds gusting up to 30 MPH at times.  HIGH:  29.  Winds: 15-20 MPH.  

TONIGHT:  Snow showers after midnight.  LOW:  20.  Winds:  West 5-10 MPH.

SUNDAY:  Early snow showers, then becoming sunny.  HIGH:  38,  LOW:  24.  Winds:  West 15-20 MPH.

MONDAY: Partly sunny.  Our 2nd Arctic chill arrives later in the evening, with lows in the teens.  HIGH:  45,  LOW:  17.

TUESDAY:  Mostly cloudy, very cold!  HIGH:  22,  LOW:  8.  

WEDNESDAY:  Our polar vortex stays strong and keeps things frigid.  HIGH: 20,  LOW:  16.

THURSDAY:  Show showers and clouds.  HIGH:  24,  LOW:  13.

FRIDAY:  Mostly sunny, still cold.  HIGH:  28,  LOW:  17.

Have a great day!
--Stephanie Sine 

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