Major Snowstorm Is Here!


TODAY: Now until Noon - Heavy snow will continue throughout the morning; snow rates could be 1-2" per hour at times.  Winds gusting up to 30 MPH. 
Noon - 7 P.M. - Moderate snowfall.  Accumulation will continue throughout the evening.  High temperatures reaching into the low 30's.
7 P.M. - Midnight - Snow will finally begin to taper off.  Low temperatures dipping back down into the low 20's overnight.  Total snow accumulations will range from 12"-18" with the Eastern Panhandle, Frederick, MD and Shenandoah Valley seeing 18"-24". See attached snowfall map for more information on accumulations.  

FRIDAY: A clipper system arrives late in the afternoon and overnight bringing the chance for a few snow showers. The high 39.

SATURDAY: Partly sunny and still chilly with highs in the low 30s.

SUNDAY: A weak clipper may track through the region with a chance for some light snow or flurries. High 29.

MONDAY: Partly sunny and still below average. High 34.

TUESDAY: A chance of rain with highs in the 40s.

WEDNESDAY:  Mostly sunny.  High 44, Low 35. 

Enjoy your day! Stephanie & Alan

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