Stephanie's Friday Forecast 12/6

Happy Friday!  Here's your 7-day forecast...

TODAY:  Falling temperatures throughout the day as the cold front passes our area.  Rain showers.  HIGH: 49.  WINDS:  North 10-15 MPH.

TONIGHT:  Colder.  Showers until midnight.   Mostly cloudy.  LOW: 32.  WINDS: North 5-15 MPH. 

SATURDAY: Behind the front, it turns colder with highs back into the 30s with limited sunshine.  HIGH:  37,  LOW: 26.

SUNDAY: We'll be watching a low pressure to our south bringing a mix of snow and sleet by late morning that quickly changes over to a period of freezing rain in the afternoon. Some snow and sleet accumulation is possible and ice accumulation is likely leading to some slippery roads, especially untreated ones and on bridges and overpasses. HIGH: 32, LOW: 30.

MONDAY: The storm brings in milder air from the south, so any ice changes over to a cold rain. The rain will wash away any of the ice and snow that fell on Sunday. HIGH:  42,  LOW: 32.

TUESDAY: The storm exits and we are left with lots of sunshine. It's colder and windy at times.  HIGH:  30,  LOW:  16.

WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy and cold.  HIGH:  28,  LOW: 14.

THURSDAY:  Mostly sunny and very cold.  HIGH:  28,  LOW:  14.  

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