Stephanie's Friday Forecast 5/2/14

High pressure dominating the weather pattern today.  We'll see a few small disturbances this weekend with rain showers Saturday afternoon and a shower on Sunday.  

TODAY:  Clouds mixed with sunshine, breezy.  HIGH:  69,  LOW:  46.  Winds: North 5-10, Gusts 25 MPH

Saturday:  Partly sunny with scattered afternoon rain showers, slightly breezy.  HIGH:  68,  LOW:  48.

Sunday:  Chance of a rain shower, mostly sunny, still breezy.  HIGH:  68,  LOW:  68,  LOW:  42. 

Monday:  Mostly sunny.  HIGH:  66,  LOW:  48.

Tuesday:  Partly sunny.  HIGH:  66,  LOW:  46.

Wednesday:  Warmer and sunny.  HIGH:  70,  LOW:  52.

Thursday:  Warm with a mostly cloudy sky.   HIGH:  77,  LOW:  53.  

--Meteorologist Stephanie Sine 

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