Stephanie's Monday Forecast 12/9

Good Monday Morning and Happy Snow day to many of us!

TODAY:  Early Monday morning freezing rain will continue, but by 10 AM to noon we should see a switch to rain.   HIGH:  40.  Wind:  Southeast 5-10 MPH.

TONIGHT:  Rain and snow showers into the later evening.  LOW:  28.  Wind:  West 5-10 MPH.  

TUESDAY:  Partly sunny, a chance for snow showers in spots.  Cold air will begin to settle into the region.  HIGH:  33,  LOW:  19.  Wind:  North 5-10 MPH.  

WEDNESDAY: Sunny and cold.  HIGH:  33,  LOW: 16.

THURSDAY:  Mostly sunny and very cold.  HIGH:  28,  LOW:  12.  

FRIDAY:  Mostly sunny and still very cold.  HIGH:  30,  LOW: 16.  

SATURDAY:  Mostly cloudy, a chance of rain/snow shower.  HIGH:  32, LOW:  18.

SUNDAY:  Mostly cloudy.  HIGH:  30,  LOW:  20.  

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