Stephanie's Saturday Forecast 12/28

TODAY:  Sunshine with milder temperatures.  HIGH:  50.  Winds:  Southwest 5-10 MPH.

TONIGHT: Increasing cloudiness.  LOW:  34.  Winds:  Southwest 3-6 MPH.  

SUNDAY: Rain showers with clouds and sun.  HIGH:  38,  LOW:  34.

MONDAY: Colder, partly sunny.  HIGH:  35,  LOW:  24.

NEW YEAR'S EVE:  Cold with sunshine and clouds.  HIGH:  32,   LOW:  22.

NEW YEAR'S DAY:  A mix of sunshine and clouds.  HIGH:  32,  LOW:  20.

THURSDAY:  Snow showers.  HIGH:  29,  LOW:  20.

FRIDAY:  Partly sunny.  HIGH:  29,  LOW:  21.

Have a great day!  

--Meteorologist Stephanie Sine 

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