Stephanie's Saturday Forecast 7/12/14

High pressure will continue to drive the weather pattern for the first half of the weekend, although we can’t rule out an afternoon summer thunderstorm.  Sunday we’ll begin to watch low pressure from the West that could possibly bring a strong thunderstorm or two Sunday afternoon.  We have a stronger chance of severe thunderstorms on Monday evening into early Tuesday, and then a pool of cooler air will move into the region around the middle of the week. 


Today:  Mostly sunny with a chance of an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon.  HIGH:  88,  LOW:  67.  Winds: South 5-10 MPH.


Sunday:  A chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon, possibly strong.  Partly sunny, hot and humid.  HIGH:  90,  LOW:  67. 


Monday:  Thunderstorms very likely; possibly severe with damaging winds, large hail, and heavy rainfall.  HIGH:  88,  LOW:  70. 


Tuesday:  A chance of thunderstorms.  HIGH:  82,  LOW:  60. 


Wednesday:  Sunny and a bit cooler as the jet stream moves South.  HIGH:  78,  LOW:  58. 


Thursday:  Sunny and nice.  HIGH:  80,  LOW:  61. 


Friday:  A chance of thunderstorms.  HGIH:  81,  LOW:  61.  

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