Stephanie's Saturday Forecast 8/9/14

High pressure is still over the 4State region with a cold front well to our South.  A few spots, most likely in Northern Virginia, could see a spotty shower throughout the afternoon, but most of us will stay dry today.  Temperatures will stay in the upper 70’s/lower 80’s.  The Potomac Highlands and Shenandoah Valley could see a few showers on Sunday as well, but a dry trend will continue for a majority of the region through Sunday.  Low pressure will pass through the region on Tuesday, bringing us thunderstorms and rainfall.  Temperatures will stay below average for this time of the year throughout the 7-day forecast period. 


Today:  Mostly sunny with a spotty shower towards the South.  High:  82.  Winds: SE 5-10 MPH.


Tonight:  Partly cloudy with a stray shower in the Southern portion of the 4State.  Low:  62. 


Sunday:  A spotty shower, otherwise mostly sunny.  Showers should remain in the Shenandoah Valley/Potomac Highland region.  High: 82,  Low: 63. 


Monday:  Partly sunny with the chance of a late thunderstorm.  High:  78, Low: 64. 


Tuesday:  Thunderstorms likely as a front moves through the region.  High:  77,  Low:  66. 


Wednesday:  A chance of storms, partly sunny.  High:  79,  Low:  57. 


Thursday:  Sunny and calm.  High:  78,  Low:  55. 


Friday:  Mostly sunny.  High:  80,  Low:  60. 

--Meteorologist Stephanie Sine 

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