Stephanie's Sunday Forecast 12/22

Happy Sunday!

TODAY:  Unseasonably mild temperatures once again, chance of scattered rain showers. Thunderstorms possible early Sunday morning and in the afternoon.  Wind gusts of 30-40 MPH possible, definitely in higher elevations.    HIGH:  67.  Wind: South 15-20 MPH.

TONIGHT:  Scattered rain showers and plenty of clouds.  LOW:  48.  Wind: South 10-15 MPH. 

MONDAY:  Rain showers early and mostly cloudy.  HIGH:  54,  LOW:  28.  Wind:  South 10-15 MPH.

TUESDAY:  Mostly sunny.  HIGH:  37,  LOW:  20.

CHRISTMAS DAY:  Sunshine and clouds.  HIGH:  33,  LOW:  28.

THURSDAY:  Partly sunny.  HIGH:  41,  LOW:  28.

FRIDAY:  Mostly sunny.  HIGH:  40,  LOW:   25.

SATURDAY:  Mostly sunny.  HIGH:  39,  LOW:  26.

--Meteorologist Stephanie Sine 

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