Stephanie's Sunday Forecast 5/4/14

Today:  Clouds mixed with bursts of sunshine.  P.M. rain and very breezy.  HIGH:  70,  LOW:  43.  Winds:  SW 10-20 MPH,  Gusts 35 MPH

Monday:  P.M. rain showers, slightly cooler.  HIGH:  65.  LOW:  40. 

Tuesday:  Mostly sunny.  HIGH:  70,  LOW:  42. 

Wednesday:  Sun, P.M. rain and thunderstorms.  HIGH:  68,  LOW:  53. 

Thursday:  Rain ending early.  HIGH:  76,  LOW:  60. 

Friday:  Partly sunny, unseasonably warm.  HIGH:  81,  LOW:  64. 

Saturday:  Rain showers.  HIGH:  78,  LOW:  59.  

--Meteorologist Stephanie Sine

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